Unrequitted love? In love? Broken Hearted? Ronnie Liang can be your saving grace for 12 months or 12 years.

Unrequitted love? In love? Broken Hearted? Ronnie Liang can be your saving grace for 12 months or 12 years.

By Ams Pasaporte,

(Ronnie Liang )

Has it been awhile that you have kept this feeling of yours towards him or her? Every time he or she is around or near you all you can hear is your heart pounding fast, butterflies in your stomach and an unexplainable feeling of happiness. Ever thought of putting your heart on your sleeve? Are you tired of keeping your heart in the dark? Darling, Ronnie Liang knows exactly what you are feeling.

(Ronnie Liang)

Ever heard of the song, ‘Sa’yo nalang ako’? The song title itself explains what the song is all about. At first, you would think that it is all ‘too cheesy’ and ‘too direct to the point’, which is all true. However, when you start listening to its lyrics, the melody of the song plus the captivating voice of Ronnie Liang, you will definitely have the Last Song Syndrome or LSS as they call it. You may cry while listening to that wonderful song or you can simply put that on repeat until your heart can take it no more and get the courage to tell the person you liked or admired your real feelings. Yes, it’s true that it is hard to admit what you really feel for you don’t know what will happen next. Would he or she avoid you after you confess your feelings? Would it be all too awkward? If you are still not ready to know what is about to come and still want to drown yourself with love songs try listening to Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti” because that’s how it will all start, his or her smile, after that listen to his “Gusto Kita”, of course telling him or her what are the things you liked about him or her, “Ngayon Lamang”, “Sa’yo nalang ako”, “Tila” and “Pakisabi nalang” are a couple of good songs that you can play all day and all night.

(Ronnie Liang )

Always remember that love songs can help you out in a lot of ways, either you have a crush on someone, slowly falling in love, hurting inside and even being broken.

One more thing, if you want to see a sexy Ronnie Liang, you can check the movie Abay Babes under Viva Films, he has a sexy role with the beautiful Natalie Hart. He is also one of the characters of the movie Maria with the gorgeous Christine Reyes. As if he never gets tired, he is also one of the guest artists of Sarah Geronimo’s “This is me” tour that was live in Nagoya, Japan. Catch more of Ronnie Liang this coming November 30 at Santa Rosa Laguna Sports Complex for he will still be one of the guest artists for Sarah Geronimo’s “This is me” Philippine tour and one of guest artists on December 31 for The Grand Countdown to 2019 to be held at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila Featuring SarahGeronimo as the main act. Stay tuned for more of his fantastic shows.

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Ronnie Liang’s Album is for unrequited love!

Ronnie Liang’s new album is for unrequited love!

By Ams Pasaporte.

Ronnie Liang’s album

Have you had enough of stalking him or her? Have you been telling yourself that you’re done for good and that you are tired of putting out too much effort yet you are not valued as you should be treated by him or her? Ever get tired of chasing the person who doesn’t even want you back? Ronnie Liang can relate and even shared a rendition of a song for people who loved and was not loved in return.

Ronnie Liang

It’s exhausting. It breaks your heart. It makes you question what’s wrong with you and why he/ she doesn’t want you back. That feeling that you want to fight him or her until the end yet there’s no denying that he or she is not willing to do that. Darling, all of these things that you are experiencing is normal. We all have that phase where we just want to be loved and lived happily ever after just like what fairytales told us when we were young.

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang- Tila Music Video

Ronnie Liang 12 Album on Spotify

Listen to the album entitled 12 by Ronnie Liang under Viva Records, check out the song titled, “Pakisabi nalang” and “Sayo nalang ako.” Honey, it will give you chills. You can’t imagine how accurate those songs are when it comes to narrating your feelings. Just like the lyrics of the song, “Pakisabi nalang”, that goes, “ Pakisabi nalang na mahal ko siya, di na baleng may mahal siya’ng iba. Pakisabi nalang na wag siyang mag-alala, di ako umaasa.” which directly translates asking someone to tell the person he loves to tell her how much he loves her even though he knows she loves somebody else. Tell her not to worry about him because he is not hoping she would return the feelings. That line alone is so powerful that it would literally make you realize that you’ll be fine as long as the person you loved knows how you feel. You don’t need to push yourself into someone’s life, you just have to accept that you loved someone dearly and that you’ll be fine.

Ronnie Liang

Anyway, time will heal and at least you had experienced what it is like to care for someone so deeply that it hurts you.


Make sure to add Ronnie Liang’s latest album, 12 on your Spotify playlist and be ready to be serenaded by his love songs that can either make you cry or make you think how love made you as who you are right now. It will always be okay to be loved and not be loved in return his songs can help you.

Ronnie Liang

10 Reasons Why

Ronnie Liang

10 Reasons Why

By Ams Pasaporte

Ronnie Liang on Spotify

Hello there, you, beautiful creature! Welcome to your tape or should I say playlist?

This is not in relation to Hannah Baker’s controversial tape or her story on Netflix’s hit TV series, 13 Reasons Why, rather this is a confession or a tell-all on why we should definitely love, Ronnie Liang’s latest album-12.

Alright. Let’s start.

1. Well-endowed. We can’t deny the fact that Ronnie Liang is blessed with good looks and good posture. You can check that on his music video, “Tila” on Youtube and be ready to be speechless. You’re welcome.

Tila – Ronnie Liang Music Video

2. Captivating voice. Always and never fails to impress us with his seductive voice.

3. Hard work. The title alone, 12, signifies how long had he worked to survive in the industry and still got it. Who doesn’t like a hard working guy?

Ronnie Liang exclusive interview in Mnl-online.com

4. Better than before. This might be Liang’s 5th album, however, there is no stopping the singer and performer to provide us great music, one album at a time.

Ronnie Liang

5. Sweet inspiration. The songs on his album inspires you to believe in love again even though at times it is not returned.

6. Timely and relatable. In this world full of rappers, explicit lyrics, the Pinoy Dream Academy runner-up stayed with his forte which is to tell what is on his heart through singing love songs.

Ronnie Liang

7. All we need is love. Yes, it is true that there’s nothing like love and how bad it could actually hurt us if not returned. Listen to his rendition of “ Pakisabi Nalang”, you’ll definitely feel the urge to tell that special someone not to worry about your feelings and just let them know how much they mean to you.


8. More intense. The singer’s rendition to the song “Yakap” can really give you goosebumps on how it was sang. It seems like he was singing coming from deep down his heart.

9. Top 9. As of this week, his song “Tila” is on the on the 9th spot on 95.5 FM’s Top 10.

10. Get yourself a Ronnie Liang in this world full of heartbreakers. His songs will never hurt you as much as the person who dumped you and left you into pieces.

There might be more reasons to add on how wonderful and magnificent the 12 album was made, however, it is for the better for you to find out. Don’t forget to add it on your Spotify playlist or check the music video for “Tila” and “Pakisabi Nalang” on Youtube. It’s never too late to see it for yourself and create your own reasons why it is a must listen to album.

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12 is the New Number of Love

Ronnie Liang’s Album. #RonnieLiang12

12 is the New Number of Love.

By Ams Pasaporte.

There are a lot of love songs played in the radio for over the years, a lot of different renditions, and different quality of voices however, Ronnie Liang’s latest album- 12 gave us a glimpse of what it is to be in love again.

The Filipino singer and performer, Pinoy Dream Academy 2nd Runner-up, Ronnie Liang released his latest album- 12 under Viva Records in celebration to his 12th year in the industry. Just like his other 4 albums that has been released, he never fails to serenade us with what’s on his heart and he never fails to showcase how incredibly talented he is. It is a no brainer how he stayed in the industry this long and still amazes us with every song he sings. Remember how his song ‘Ngiti’ made a huge a hit when he first released it then followed by ‘Akala Mo’ and among other hit songs.

The beauty of his 5th album is that it features how wonderful it is be in love even though there are times that it is unrequited. Love might be the most complicated thing in the world but it is also the best thing that will happen to every one of us. That feeling when your lover would tell his thoughts of you through a song would really make your heart melt or that feeling when you are hurt because your love was not returned, everybody can relate to that.

Try listening to one of his songs titled, ‘Tila’, Ronnie Liang is narrating down his thoughts and pouring out his heart just to let his lover know how he feels whenever she is around. You can always show how much you care about someone but it will always be hard to say what’s on your mind. Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t it romantic? It is sweet and romantic, definitely is. You would wish that there would be someone out there who would do just the same.

If you don’t have that ‘someone’ yet, just grab a copy of Ronnie Liang’s new album- 12 or you can just download it on your phone or add it to your playlist on Spotify . You can just play pretend that you have he is singing his song exclusively for you and if you already have a significant other you can play one of his latest songs. You might not have the same alluring voice with the singer but you would definitely sweep off your lover’s feet. Try it to believe it and get ready to be massively infatuated with his sensational album.

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Ronnie Liang Celebrates His Birthday with the Cancer Stricken Kids

Singer-actor Ronnie Liang celebrated his birthday last January 31 by giving back and sharing his blessings with cancer-stricken kids in Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Ronnie Liang with the cancer stricken kids

(Ronnie Liang with the kids of Philippine Children Medical Center)

(RonnieLiang carrying one of the patients)

An advocate for 12 years now, he has been spending his birthday every year by treating the kids at the PCMC Cancer Section by giving out toys, food, treats, and gifts among things that the children need. These children, who are in stages 2, 3, and 4 of cancer, often leave a paint of smile on their faces and with this, Ronnie knew that it’s something that he will do for the rest of his life. He even led a prayer for the children and the parents, making sure it’ll be a fun day full of laughter, smile, and positivity in life. Ronnie had a great time singing and dancing with the children and of course, lots of picture taking with the singer-actor.

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang with his siblings the his group name TheMcronnsph group)

(Ronnie Liang with his family who joined him on this advocacy )




According to Ronnie, not only did he touch the hearts of these children but in return, they also touched his and spending time with them helped him become the person that he is now. For him, seeing both the children and the parents happy is the most accomplished and fulfilling gift he will ever receive on his birthday. With a heart of gold, we’re pretty sure we’ll see more of Ronnie’s good advocacy to the community.

Special thanks to the following who help us and made this special event possible:

RonnieLiang’s Family

Viva Artists Agency

The McronnsPhGroup

Shakeys Philippines

Snap mobile studio

Fernandos Bakeshop

Chef Liza

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

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Ronnie Liang’s Journey to Hale and Hearty Living.

Ronnie Liang

Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC), a special clinic which promotes natural healing through proper diet and conducts different types of therapy to activate the self-healing of the body, has chosen singer-actor Ronnie Liang as their new ambassador.


From L- R: Arlene Clemente (Holistic Chef) Dra. Meddie Edodollon (Medical Director) Ronnie Liang (HICC Ambassador) Ronald Abad (Director)

Ronnie Liang signs 3yr contract/ MOA as HICC Ambassador.



Ronnie Liang, who rose to fame with his number one hit song “Ngiti”, is currently busy hitting the gym and embodying the healthy lifestyle. Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey for him but last 2013, after hearing comments and being conscious about his weight, Ronnie had decided to go on a strict diet. This earned him a spot in the critically acclaimed indie film Esoterika Maynila where not only his talent for acting developed but also his healthy body.


According to him, he gave up eating fatty foods like pork and beef and focused more on eating vegetables, fruits , chicken, and fish. He also gave up eating rice and his favorite part of the chicken, the skin. The result? A healthier and better Ronnie Liang with 6 packs abs. The success of his great body is because of his commitment and dedication. Because of this, HICC took notice of him and made him their new ambassador to promote a hale and hearty living by using an integrative approach to heal different types of ailments and to help achieve a healthier body.


Since then, a lot of management have been pursuing Ronnie Liang to feature his remarkable journey towards healthy living for their magazines, aesthetic centers, and gyms. Thankful for his ever-supportive management team who never stopped believing in him – Boss Vic, Boss Vicent, and Ma’am Veronique – the young singer-actor, whose fifth studio album is to be released under Viva Records this year, recently renewed his contract under Viva. Things are looking good for Ronnie Liang and we’re pretty sure you’re excited as we are for his upcoming projects.



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Ronnie Liang Renews Contract with ViVa


Ronnie Liang serenaded you with the breathtaking lyrics of “Ngiti”, probably thrilled you when he starred in the critically acclaimed indie movie Esoterika Maynila where he won Best Actor and of course, witnessed victory when he bagged the Best Actor in a featured role in Bituing Walang Ningning: The Musical that was held in Resorts World Manila. And just last year, he was a part of the movies 100 Tula Para Kay Stella and Fan Girl/Fan Boy under Viva Films which further prove that he is one great talent to watch out for. Managed by Viva Artist Agency, he has then become a man with many faces and superb talents, entering the scene with such flair and becoming one of the most sought after singers in the country.

The multi-awarded singer turned actor is currently attending an acting workshop under the supreme supervision of Director Rahyan Carlos of Star Magic, honing his acting skills and perfecting his craft. The entertainment world may be tough but Ronnie is one fighter and ready to take on whatever challenge is thrown at him. With this, he believes that he can offer more to his audience and be recognized not just for his dreamy voice but for his acting prowess, too. Presently, he’s working on his fifth album slated to be released in the first quarter of 2018 under Viva Records. This much awaited album is the metamorphosis of a man ready to face and accept all changes thrown at him.

2018 is the year Ronnie Liang looks forward to and though there aren’t any official announcements about his promising acting career, he believes that Viva is cooking up something for him that focuses not just on his singing career but on acting expertise as well. After all, the journey may be long for this balladeer but we’re pretty sure what awaits him in the end is the ultimate gift and we’re so ready to join him in this unforgettable journey of his.

From L-R: Boss Vic DelRosario, RonnieLiang & Veronique Corpuz


Veronique Corpuz & Ronnie Liang

Staying true to his original roots, Ronnie Liang is forever grateful for Boss Vic Del Rosario, Boss Vincent & Ma’am Veronique of Viva Management for believing in his talent and continuing support to his career. Ronnie Liang has renewed his management contract with viva artist agency & He is looking forward with more shows, movie project & album with them.

Ronnie Liang Shirtless pictorial 

Ronnie Liang

Photography: Raymund Cauilan

Stylist: Kring Mallari

Make up/Hair: Aaron Cunanan

Creative: Raymund Seranillo

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

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Ronnie Liang gives back 

Ronnie Liang 

(August 3, 2017) Singer and Best Actor Awardee Ronnie Liang Brought smile to the faces of tuloy foundation orphans. Ronnie Liang a Gentry Charities Ambassador visited tuloy foundation in Angeles City Pampanga (Tuloy Angeles) His Hometown. Ronnie Liang a born kapampangan together with Gentry Charities Board of Director distributed food, sunblock, soccer uniform and rendered a song number for the children & volunteers of tuloy foundation. 

The Pinoy Dream Academy season 1 finalist Ronnie Liang & a viva talent is busy on his acting/singing career, he is one of the casts of “100 Tula ni Stella” a movie starring Jc Santos and Bella Padilla which is one of the entries for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP). He also appears in the movie of Ella Cruz and Julian Trono “Fan Girl/ Fan Boy”(viva films) showing this coming September 6. This August 5, he will be at Angeles City,Pampanga as one of the guest artists of jadineliveinpampanga and Sarah Geronimo “ The Great Unknown” concert on August 25 at Iloilo City. Currently he released his new song” Nag iisang Ikaw” on airwaves and is gaining positive feedbacks and soon will release his music video on Philippine music channels. 

James Reid, Nadine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, & RonnieLiang  open Kaogma2017 

From Left: RonnieLiang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid (jadine) & Bret Jackson. 

Viva Stars James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis Open Kaogma2017  last May 20, 2017 Saturday at Camarines Sur Freedom Sports Complex.

Viva Stars took a Selfie on stage: James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis.
Nadine Lustre & Ronnie Liang
From Left: Chad Kinis, Ronnie Liang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid & Bret Jackson.

From Left: Ronnie Liang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid, chad kinis & Bret Jackson.
James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis.