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Ronnie Liang

Photography: Raymund Cauilan

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Make up/Hair: Aaron Cunanan

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Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang

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Ronnie Liang gives back 

Ronnie Liang 

(August 3, 2017) Singer and Best Actor Awardee Ronnie Liang Brought smile to the faces of tuloy foundation orphans. Ronnie Liang a Gentry Charities Ambassador visited tuloy foundation in Angeles City Pampanga (Tuloy Angeles) His Hometown. Ronnie Liang a born kapampangan together with Gentry Charities Board of Director distributed food, sunblock, soccer uniform and rendered a song number for the children & volunteers of tuloy foundation. 

The Pinoy Dream Academy season 1 finalist Ronnie Liang & a viva talent is busy on his acting/singing career, he is one of the casts of “100 Tula ni Stella” a movie starring Jc Santos and Bella Padilla which is one of the entries for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP). He also appears in the movie of Ella Cruz and Julian Trono “Fan Girl/ Fan Boy”(viva films) showing this coming September 6. This August 5, he will be at Angeles City,Pampanga as one of the guest artists of jadineliveinpampanga and Sarah Geronimo “ The Great Unknown” concert on August 25 at Iloilo City. Currently he released his new song” Nag iisang Ikaw” on airwaves and is gaining positive feedbacks and soon will release his music video on Philippine music channels. 

James Reid, Nadine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, & RonnieLiang  open Kaogma2017 

From Left: RonnieLiang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid (jadine) & Bret Jackson. 

Viva Stars James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis Open Kaogma2017  last May 20, 2017 Saturday at Camarines Sur Freedom Sports Complex.

Viva Stars took a Selfie on stage: James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis.
Nadine Lustre & Ronnie Liang
From Left: Chad Kinis, Ronnie Liang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid & Bret Jackson.

From Left: Ronnie Liang, Nadine Lustre, James Reid, chad kinis & Bret Jackson.
James Reid, Naine Lustre (Jadine), Bret Jackson, RonnieLiang, PopGirls, Gforce & chad kinis.

Ronnie Liang Celebrates Mother’s Day 

Ronnie Liang & his late mother Adelina Liang

1. What do you miss about your mom?.I really miss her. I miss her whenever i visit our house in pampanga – the house that i basically built for her. I would always recall how she would hurry (in her wheelchair) to welcome me as soon as she hears my car parking in front of our house. I happily recall how she would gleefully smile while waiting for me to alight the car and give her a hug. It feels like fiesta for she would always cook my favorite dishes like sinigang, suam na mais & monggo soup. i will definitely miss her calls. She always calls me whenever she sees me on tv, especially my music videos. I know that she’s very proud of me. 
2. How would you describe your mom?

My mom is the best. She always endures all the hardships in her life without complaining. Though she had gout arthritis on her right knee, she never fails to take good care of us, the house, the family. She is selfless. I remember how she would nit pick on cleanliness in the house. It is really important to her. 

Ronnie Liang, his late mother Adelina Liang & sister ReginaLiang 

3. What are her traits that you find endearing?

Our house help shared to us after our nanay died that she would regularly call all of us just to check how we are doing. She would always worry about all of us. But whenever she feels under the weather, she would never tell us anything about it because she doesn’t want any of us worrying about her.

Nanay Adelina & Ronnie Liang

4. How would you describe your relationship with your mom?

I am the youngest of the 7 siblings & i am really close to my Nanay. I would say i’m a momma’s boy. I want her to always be healthy that’s why i never failed to refill her maintenance medicine and always remind her to take all her vitamins regularly. 

I remember one time when i was still in grade school, I overheard our landlord in our former house wanting to evict us for we cannot pay the rent anymore. It was heartbreaking for my parents. I would see my mom crying in her room and praying. That moment, i said to myself that when I grow up and have a stable job, I would build a house for my mother so she wouldn’t worry anymore. And that’s exactly what I did when i got my first paycheck in showbiz.

Ronnie Liang & his late mother Adelina Liang

5. How did you feel when she passed away(what was her illness? How old was she when she died? When did it happen?)

It was so painful, my heart was so broken. I can’t describe the pain, I was hoping that it was just a bad dream and that when I wake up, it’s all gone. I couldn’t bear the thought that she was gone. I saw her at the ICU when the doctors were reviving her, they did CPR & i was shouting “nanay, gumising ka!” It happened last february 26 2017 I was in manila then due to work & was informed by my siblings that my mom was at the emergency room and transferred to ICU at Angeles University Foundation Medicall Center due to low blood pressure (70/40) and the doctors diagnosed her of Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP). And the bacteria was so potent that it spread through out her system which caused multiple organ failure. Everything was so sudden. I remember she called me 2 days before that fatal day, asking me if i ate my lunch already and if I have laundry that need to be washed. We were laughing and teasing each other. And she told me that she saw my music video on tv. My three other siblings told me she was still conscious when they brought her to the hospital and that they even joked and laughed to each other. 
6. How did you cope with her death?

It is not easy. I always ask God to give me the strength and courage to accept my mother’s fate. Even though I am on the process of healing & have decided to move on, somehow, I cannot avoid thinking of her specially when i hear her favorite song, when I eat dishes that she would always cook for me; whenever I see people enjoying their time with their mom, I feel jealous. I always ask God to grant me the grace of courage and strength to accept the fact that my nanay has passed on already and that she is happier now. I always think that mom is in a good place now, a place with her creator, a place that is free from pain and suffering. And i know she is happy in there watching over us. And I would find comfort and solace in that.

Ronnie Liang during the wake of his mom.

7. How do you keep her memory alive?

I have this notebook where I have written all of the good memories with and about her. I have a music video of Beginning Today from my album May Minamahal, where I got my mom as one of the talents. I would watch it whenever I would miss her. I would also browse all my childhood photos with her. It helps me think that my Nanay had lived a good life. And it sends me a message to live our lives as such as well. That way she will be happy and proud of us. Beginning today music video

Ronnie Liang iingatan ka

iingatan ka 

Salamat sa iyo ina
8. How will you celebrate Mothers Day this year?

It’s gonna be the first Mother’s Day celebration without her. and I guess it would be very much different this time. Before, I would always go back home in Pampanga and celebrate it with her. But life has to go on. She had always showed us to celebrated life and surround ourselves with the people we love and who love us. This year, I want to pay it forward and make other moms happy. I will have a show on May 14, 3pm at Star Mall Alabang to celebrate Mother’s day. 

Ronnie Liang spent Mother’s Day at Star Mall alabang to celebrate Mother’s Day, serenaded his audience specially the mothers. 

9. What are your songs that you wishes to dedicate to her?

 You Raised Me Up. It’s one of her favorite songs and it was my audition piece as well when I auditioned for Pinoy Dream Academy.I believe she was one of the reasons why i got in. Second is Iingatan Ka, I made a cover of that song and released the song online as a tribute to her. Third is Salamat sa Iyo Ina, our original composition during the Pinoy Dream Academy.
10. What her the lesson she passed on to you? What are the things she constantly wants you to do?

She always tells me the phrase ” Daig ng taong maagap ang taong masipag” and i will never forget it. Her examples, her legacy. Like any typical moms, she would text or call me just to remind me to eat healthy and on time. 
11. What is her full name? What is your dads name? Hows your dad?

Her name is Adelina De Guzman Liang

My dad is Rogelio Castro Liang.

Dad is doing okay. Somehow, whenever I visit him in Pampanga, i could feel his longing to my mom. He misses her. I would always encourage him to share to any of us how he is doing or whatever he is feeling. It helps a lot. I really don’t like the idea that people are not open to share what they feel to people that matter to them. Until it’s too late.

12. What are your future projects other plans?

The casts of FanBoy/FanGirl; From Left: Julian Trono, Ella Cruz, Yam Concepcion & Ronnie Liang

  1. Right now, I’m doing a movie entitled FanBoy Fan Girl under Viva Films. It’s an Ella Cruz & Julian Trono tandem movie. I also started shooting 100 tula para kay Stella movie Bella Padilla & Jc Santos and hopefully another one under Viva films. My song IINGATAN KA is now available online in Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer. I also would like to thank Viva Artists Management, especially boss Vic, Ma’am Veronique, boss Valerie, boss Vincent & Ma’am Jun Rufino for the opportunities and for believing in me. For other updates about my shows and projects then can follow me on my social media account @ronnieliang in RonnieLiang Facebook , RonnieLiang Instagram  & RonnieLiang twitter.

From Left: Vincent Delrosario, Boss Vic DelRosario, RonnieLiang & Veronique DelRosario Corpuz. 

Ronnie Liang at the Fan boy/Fan girl movie. 

Casts for the movie Fan oyFanGirl; From Left Julian Trono, Ella Cruz, Yam Concepcion & Ronnie Liang. The FanboyFangirl Team 👍🏼👍🏼😊

Julian Trono and Ella Cruz will have their First Movie in a leading role which is the FanBoy FanGirl Movie under viva films. Ronnie Liang and Yam Concepcion will be part of the said movie as well for a supporting role. 
The FanBoyFanGirl team
From Left; Direk Barry Gonzales, Julian Trono, Ella Cuz, Yam Concepcion & Ronnie Liang. 

Ronnie Liang releases Iingatan Ka

RonnieLiang releases Iingatan ka on Spotify/iTunes/Deezer.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Pinoy Dream Academy finalist & viva artist , RonnieLiang releases his latest song Iingatan Ka on itunes, Spotify and Deezer. 

This is his cover version of the 1997 Carol Banawa original. 
“Performing this song live, makes me very emotional as my nanay just passed away February of this year,” said Liang. “I miss her so much that’s why this is my homage to her and to all the mothers, for their sacrifices and undying love for their family,” he added.

Ronnie Liang and his mom Adelina Deguzman Liang

Ronnie’s mom : Adelina De Guzman Liang & Ronnie Liang 

Ronnie Liang and his mom: Adelina Deguzman Liang

RonnieLiang during the wake/funeral of his mom

Liang will have a mall show at StarMall Alabang on May 14 for the Mother’s Day festivities. He is currently doing a movie with Bela Padilla and JC Santos and is set to do two more movies all under Viva Films. 
Tune in to his Social Media accounts for updates of his upcoming shows here and abroad.

Iingatan ka

Sarah Geronimo invaded Agoo Launion

Sarah Geronimo had concert at Agoo Launion for the Night of Thanks Giving 2016 RABAII TI PANAGYAMAN. With her guest percorformers Ronnie Liang, Jason Dy, Julian Trono & Monica Cuenco. 

SarahGeronimo, Ronnie Liang, Jason Dy, Julian Trono, Monica Cuenco with Production #TeamSarah

Sarah Geronimo & Ronnie Liang during rehearsals 

Sarah Geronimo & Ronnie Liang onstage performing Sarah’s latest song Great Unkown 

Sarah Geronimo & Ronnie Liang performing Closer
Sarah Geronimo, Ronnie Liang, Jason Dy, Monica Cuenco, Julian Trono & Gforce dancers during closing production number.