Unrequitted love? In love? Broken Hearted? Ronnie Liang can be your saving grace for 12 months or 12 years.

Unrequitted love? In love? Broken Hearted? Ronnie Liang can be your saving grace for 12 months or 12 years.

By Ams Pasaporte,

(Ronnie Liang )

Has it been awhile that you have kept this feeling of yours towards him or her? Every time he or she is around or near you all you can hear is your heart pounding fast, butterflies in your stomach and an unexplainable feeling of happiness. Ever thought of putting your heart on your sleeve? Are you tired of keeping your heart in the dark? Darling, Ronnie Liang knows exactly what you are feeling.

(Ronnie Liang)

Ever heard of the song, ‘Sa’yo nalang ako’? The song title itself explains what the song is all about. At first, you would think that it is all ‘too cheesy’ and ‘too direct to the point’, which is all true. However, when you start listening to its lyrics, the melody of the song plus the captivating voice of Ronnie Liang, you will definitely have the Last Song Syndrome or LSS as they call it. You may cry while listening to that wonderful song or you can simply put that on repeat until your heart can take it no more and get the courage to tell the person you liked or admired your real feelings. Yes, it’s true that it is hard to admit what you really feel for you don’t know what will happen next. Would he or she avoid you after you confess your feelings? Would it be all too awkward? If you are still not ready to know what is about to come and still want to drown yourself with love songs try listening to Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti” because that’s how it will all start, his or her smile, after that listen to his “Gusto Kita”, of course telling him or her what are the things you liked about him or her, “Ngayon Lamang”, “Sa’yo nalang ako”, “Tila” and “Pakisabi nalang” are a couple of good songs that you can play all day and all night.

(Ronnie Liang )

Always remember that love songs can help you out in a lot of ways, either you have a crush on someone, slowly falling in love, hurting inside and even being broken.

One more thing, if you want to see a sexy Ronnie Liang, you can check the movie Abay Babes under Viva Films, he has a sexy role with the beautiful Natalie Hart. He is also one of the characters of the movie Maria with the gorgeous Christine Reyes. As if he never gets tired, he is also one of the guest artists of Sarah Geronimo’s “This is me” tour that was live in Nagoya, Japan. Catch more of Ronnie Liang this coming November 30 at Santa Rosa Laguna Sports Complex for he will still be one of the guest artists for Sarah Geronimo’s “This is me” Philippine tour and one of guest artists on December 31 for The Grand Countdown to 2019 to be held at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila Featuring SarahGeronimo as the main act. Stay tuned for more of his fantastic shows.

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