Ronnie Liang’s Album is for unrequited love!

Ronnie Liang’s new album is for unrequited love!

By Ams Pasaporte.

Ronnie Liang’s album

Have you had enough of stalking him or her? Have you been telling yourself that you’re done for good and that you are tired of putting out too much effort yet you are not valued as you should be treated by him or her? Ever get tired of chasing the person who doesn’t even want you back? Ronnie Liang can relate and even shared a rendition of a song for people who loved and was not loved in return.

Ronnie Liang

It’s exhausting. It breaks your heart. It makes you question what’s wrong with you and why he/ she doesn’t want you back. That feeling that you want to fight him or her until the end yet there’s no denying that he or she is not willing to do that. Darling, all of these things that you are experiencing is normal. We all have that phase where we just want to be loved and lived happily ever after just like what fairytales told us when we were young.

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang- Tila Music Video

Ronnie Liang 12 Album on Spotify

Listen to the album entitled 12 by Ronnie Liang under Viva Records, check out the song titled, “Pakisabi nalang” and “Sayo nalang ako.” Honey, it will give you chills. You can’t imagine how accurate those songs are when it comes to narrating your feelings. Just like the lyrics of the song, “Pakisabi nalang”, that goes, “ Pakisabi nalang na mahal ko siya, di na baleng may mahal siya’ng iba. Pakisabi nalang na wag siyang mag-alala, di ako umaasa.” which directly translates asking someone to tell the person he loves to tell her how much he loves her even though he knows she loves somebody else. Tell her not to worry about him because he is not hoping she would return the feelings. That line alone is so powerful that it would literally make you realize that you’ll be fine as long as the person you loved knows how you feel. You don’t need to push yourself into someone’s life, you just have to accept that you loved someone dearly and that you’ll be fine.

Ronnie Liang

Anyway, time will heal and at least you had experienced what it is like to care for someone so deeply that it hurts you.


Make sure to add Ronnie Liang’s latest album, 12 on your Spotify playlist and be ready to be serenaded by his love songs that can either make you cry or make you think how love made you as who you are right now. It will always be okay to be loved and not be loved in return his songs can help you.

Ronnie Liang

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