10 Reasons Why

Ronnie Liang

10 Reasons Why

By Ams Pasaporte

Ronnie Liang on Spotify

Hello there, you, beautiful creature! Welcome to your tape or should I say playlist?

This is not in relation to Hannah Baker’s controversial tape or her story on Netflix’s hit TV series, 13 Reasons Why, rather this is a confession or a tell-all on why we should definitely love, Ronnie Liang’s latest album-12.

Alright. Let’s start.

1. Well-endowed. We can’t deny the fact that Ronnie Liang is blessed with good looks and good posture. You can check that on his music video, “Tila” on Youtube and be ready to be speechless. You’re welcome.

Tila – Ronnie Liang Music Video

2. Captivating voice. Always and never fails to impress us with his seductive voice.

3. Hard work. The title alone, 12, signifies how long had he worked to survive in the industry and still got it. Who doesn’t like a hard working guy?

Ronnie Liang exclusive interview in Mnl-online.com

4. Better than before. This might be Liang’s 5th album, however, there is no stopping the singer and performer to provide us great music, one album at a time.

Ronnie Liang

5. Sweet inspiration. The songs on his album inspires you to believe in love again even though at times it is not returned.

6. Timely and relatable. In this world full of rappers, explicit lyrics, the Pinoy Dream Academy runner-up stayed with his forte which is to tell what is on his heart through singing love songs.

Ronnie Liang

7. All we need is love. Yes, it is true that there’s nothing like love and how bad it could actually hurt us if not returned. Listen to his rendition of “ Pakisabi Nalang”, you’ll definitely feel the urge to tell that special someone not to worry about your feelings and just let them know how much they mean to you.


8. More intense. The singer’s rendition to the song “Yakap” can really give you goosebumps on how it was sang. It seems like he was singing coming from deep down his heart.

9. Top 9. As of this week, his song “Tila” is on the on the 9th spot on 95.5 FM’s Top 10.

10. Get yourself a Ronnie Liang in this world full of heartbreakers. His songs will never hurt you as much as the person who dumped you and left you into pieces.

There might be more reasons to add on how wonderful and magnificent the 12 album was made, however, it is for the better for you to find out. Don’t forget to add it on your Spotify playlist or check the music video for “Tila” and “Pakisabi Nalang” on Youtube. It’s never too late to see it for yourself and create your own reasons why it is a must listen to album.

Ronnie Liang’s Full Album on Spotify

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