12 is the New Number of Love

Ronnie Liang’s Album. #RonnieLiang12

12 is the New Number of Love.

By Ams Pasaporte.

There are a lot of love songs played in the radio for over the years, a lot of different renditions, and different quality of voices however, Ronnie Liang’s latest album- 12 gave us a glimpse of what it is to be in love again.

The Filipino singer and performer, Pinoy Dream Academy 2nd Runner-up, Ronnie Liang released his latest album- 12 under Viva Records in celebration to his 12th year in the industry. Just like his other 4 albums that has been released, he never fails to serenade us with what’s on his heart and he never fails to showcase how incredibly talented he is. It is a no brainer how he stayed in the industry this long and still amazes us with every song he sings. Remember how his song ‘Ngiti’ made a huge a hit when he first released it then followed by ‘Akala Mo’ and among other hit songs.

The beauty of his 5th album is that it features how wonderful it is be in love even though there are times that it is unrequited. Love might be the most complicated thing in the world but it is also the best thing that will happen to every one of us. That feeling when your lover would tell his thoughts of you through a song would really make your heart melt or that feeling when you are hurt because your love was not returned, everybody can relate to that.

Try listening to one of his songs titled, ‘Tila’, Ronnie Liang is narrating down his thoughts and pouring out his heart just to let his lover know how he feels whenever she is around. You can always show how much you care about someone but it will always be hard to say what’s on your mind. Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t it romantic? It is sweet and romantic, definitely is. You would wish that there would be someone out there who would do just the same.

If you don’t have that ‘someone’ yet, just grab a copy of Ronnie Liang’s new album- 12 or you can just download it on your phone or add it to your playlist on Spotify . You can just play pretend that you have he is singing his song exclusively for you and if you already have a significant other you can play one of his latest songs. You might not have the same alluring voice with the singer but you would definitely sweep off your lover’s feet. Try it to believe it and get ready to be massively infatuated with his sensational album.

Ronnie Liang Album on Spotify

Tila – RonnieLiang Music Video

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Ronnie Liang Official Facebook Page

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