Ronnie Liang Celebrates His Birthday with the Cancer Stricken Kids

Singer-actor Ronnie Liang celebrated his birthday last January 31 by giving back and sharing his blessings with cancer-stricken kids in Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Ronnie Liang with the cancer stricken kids

(Ronnie Liang with the kids of Philippine Children Medical Center)

(RonnieLiang carrying one of the patients)

An advocate for 12 years now, he has been spending his birthday every year by treating the kids at the PCMC Cancer Section by giving out toys, food, treats, and gifts among things that the children need. These children, who are in stages 2, 3, and 4 of cancer, often leave a paint of smile on their faces and with this, Ronnie knew that it’s something that he will do for the rest of his life. He even led a prayer for the children and the parents, making sure it’ll be a fun day full of laughter, smile, and positivity in life. Ronnie had a great time singing and dancing with the children and of course, lots of picture taking with the singer-actor.

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang visiting the ward section of the hospital)

(RonnieLiang with his siblings the his group name TheMcronnsph group)

(Ronnie Liang with his family who joined him on this advocacy )




According to Ronnie, not only did he touch the hearts of these children but in return, they also touched his and spending time with them helped him become the person that he is now. For him, seeing both the children and the parents happy is the most accomplished and fulfilling gift he will ever receive on his birthday. With a heart of gold, we’re pretty sure we’ll see more of Ronnie’s good advocacy to the community.

Special thanks to the following who help us and made this special event possible:

RonnieLiang’s Family

Viva Artists Agency

The McronnsPhGroup

Shakeys Philippines

Snap mobile studio

Fernandos Bakeshop

Chef Liza

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

RonnieLiang’s Instagram Account

RonnieLiang’s Twitter Account

RonnieLiang’s Facebook account

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