Ronnie Liang releases Iingatan Ka

RonnieLiang releases Iingatan ka on Spotify/iTunes/Deezer.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Pinoy Dream Academy finalist & viva artist , RonnieLiang releases his latest song Iingatan Ka on itunes, Spotify and Deezer. 

This is his cover version of the 1997 Carol Banawa original. 
“Performing this song live, makes me very emotional as my nanay just passed away February of this year,” said Liang. “I miss her so much that’s why this is my homage to her and to all the mothers, for their sacrifices and undying love for their family,” he added.

Ronnie Liang and his mom Adelina Deguzman Liang

Ronnie’s mom : Adelina De Guzman Liang & Ronnie Liang 

Ronnie Liang and his mom: Adelina Deguzman Liang

RonnieLiang during the wake/funeral of his mom

Liang will have a mall show at StarMall Alabang on May 14 for the Mother’s Day festivities. He is currently doing a movie with Bela Padilla and JC Santos and is set to do two more movies all under Viva Films. 
Tune in to his Social Media accounts for updates of his upcoming shows here and abroad.

Iingatan ka

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