Ronnie Liang Releases New Album

  (Ronnie Liang Songs of love album cover)

Meeting Ronnie Liang is always like a breath of fresh air — an attractive, unassuming person who comes across as a newcomer when the truth is he has been in the business for many years, performing on TV and receiving awards.    

First discovered in Pinoy Dream Academy of ABS-CBN, Ronnie was now across the table from us, answering all the questions we had involving his life as a performer/actor, the difficulties he encountered along the way and especially, the lessons he learned all of which he welcomed as part of the journey one has to take before he could be considered as someone who truly is a “somebody.”

Now managed by Viva Films and records under Boss Vic del Rosario, Ronnie has worked with T-Rex Productions, Universal Pictures who gave him Ngiti, Viva which produced May Minamahal, and many others.

In the course of his many wanderings into the field of music, he had met Elwood Perez who gave him the movie Esoterika: Maynila, which brought him all over the Philippines and abroad.

Ronnie has now been given a new album, his third, produced by T-Rex Entertainment Production and titled Songs of Love. He is also part of the Resorts World Manila musical Bituing Walang Ningning and he considers this a challenge since it’s the first time for him to work with director Freddie Santos and the first time to do a musical.

 (From left Director Freddie Santos & Ronnie Liang) 
In the beginning, Ronnie was scared stiff of Santos. He had a loud booming voice that made everyone think he was angry. Later, he found out that the director only had gotten used to speaking in a loud voice because the venue of the presentation was at the Resorts World which was huge that one had to shout out their songs.

However, Santos was strict when it came to rehearsals. Everyone had to come on time, everyone had to be prepared and no excuses were accepted. The entire production would take two hours and 20 minutes, and one had to do it over and over again.

Of course, the cast members were given lessons on how to take care of their voice. Ronnie told us that acting on stage was for him the most difficult aspect of the production. He and his companions had to adjust to singing in a loud voice. Another difficulty was using cowboy boots in the production since this was a period piece with the ’80s look and expression.

Ronnie confessed that rehearsals are conducted daily, and he will do the musical throughout although an understudy will be available in case of an emergency.

In the cast are Cris Villonco and Mark Bautista, among others, all of them well-experienced actors and actresses. Another new aspect of the production is that it is the first time for Resorts World to feature a Filipino material.

After listening to the album Ronnie distributed to us, his guests, we are certain they would go home to listen and pick out their favorites. From the 14-piece album, our choices are Dance With My Father and Unchained Melody.

 (From left Jay Roa, Cris Villonco, Monica Cuenco & Ronnie Liang) 
(Article c/o philstar) 




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