Ronnie Liang’s new music video

 (Ronnie Liang)

Ronnie Liang releases his new music video titled Hiling from his newest album SONGS OF LOVE. 


(Ronnie Liang)

Hiling is the 2nd single from Songs of Love cd released by T-rex music & universal records. 

  (Ronnie Liang)

Hiling is also playing/airing in all radio stations nationwide. 

  (Ronnie Liang)

 (Ronnie Liang)

Hiling music video is also airing on music channel & some local tv/cable channels like myx, mtv philippines,viva tv, net 25 & pbo.  

Ronnie Liang’s career is manage by viva entertainment also known as viva artist agency. 

  Veronique Delrosario (VIVA entertainment PRESIDENT & COO) & Ronnie Liang.

Vic Delrosario (VIVA entertainment CHAIRMAN&CEO) & Ronnie Liang. 

Hiling music video: 


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