Songs of Love

(Album available now in all leading record stores nationwide)
———————————————- “Songs of Love,” Ronnie Liang’s third album, is a celebration of the romantic balladeer’s devotion to romance music, a genre that he has been known for.
Since hitting the top of the charts with his hit song “Ngiti” in 2007, Ronnie has been singing sentimental ballads in many a live show, sometimes by himself, other times with other singers. Lately, he has been travelling the islands and parts abroad performing with Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis.
The singer, who shot to fame as a finalist in the first season of “Pinoy Dream Academy” in 2006, believes romantic songs never go out of style. “You never get tired listening to them. They’re timeless. I want to be remembered for such songs,’ he says.
Ronnie’s new album, the first music production of T-Rex Entertainment Productions headed by Mr. Rex A. Tiri, is a compilation of nine songs, three originals plus five minus ones. Released & Distributed under UNIVERSAL RECORDS
The complete track list of “Songs of Love” consists of carrier single “Liwanag” (Marlon Diez Barnuevo), “Ngayon Lamang” (Vince Katindoy, “Hiling” (Katindoy), “She’s Always a Woman” (Billy Joel), “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” (Rick Price), “Looking Though the Eyes of Love” (Barry Mann), “Dance with My Father Again” (Luther Vandross), “Unchained Melody” (Alex North) and bonus track:
“Ngiti” (Katindoy).


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